DevOps Course

DevOps Course Overview

FastMaster the various features of software development, continuous delivery, continuous integration, Infrastructure as a code, operations, automate build, deployment, and tests. You will learn tools like Maven, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Docker, and more. You will also learn the aspects DevOps framework to successfully integrate, collaborate, communicate, and automate processes for IT development and IT operations of leading software companies. This course on DevOps is designed for aspiring IT Professionals, System Admins, Solution Architects, Software Testers, Integration Specialists, etc. Learn the various tools, technology, both open source as well as licensed, and also explore the core responsibilities a DevOps team needs to carry out on their shoulders. You will also handle code given by a developer to build and create an environment for a release and explore various automated build tools. So, join this best DevOps course and master the numerous aspects of software development.

A DevOps Engineer is somebody who makes a Developer's life easy. A DevOps engineer is a problem solver. SysOps are one of the busiest teams in an organization and developers to get busy with their deliverables. In such a scenario a team of engineers who understand the Infrastructure, start translating things back to developers on behalf of SysOps called DevOps. DevOps is a concept where the developers and operations team work together towards achieving a common goal. They are the front man for the developer's team when deploying a code, but also for the organization in terms of implementing the required tools used for setting up a process, making sure that every stakeholder is adhering to that process, and ensuring that every Go LIVE is smooth and successful.

DevOps Engineering Learning Outcomes

  • Learn to use various automated tools and commands for handling a code at various life cycle
  • Explore containerization -- Docker -- Installation, Configuration, Writing YAML scripts, and deployments
  • Learn various tools, technology, both open source as well as licensed


We provide our certificate to all our students who completed the course. Some employers require a certification in order to apply for a job. Many people earn specialty certifications to help them advance in their careers.Earning a certification can give you a big leg up in the job market. It’s a key item that hiring employers look for on resumes. Some employers may also require workers to have certain certifications.

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