Data Science Course

Data Science Course for Beginners

Fast-track your career with the Certification in Data Science. Master all the key tools and techniques in Data Science and pick up domain-specific skills to add more value to your profile. In this data-driven environment certification in Data Science prepares you for the surging demand of Big Data skills and technology in all the leading industries. There is a huge career prospect available in the field of data science and this Data Science Certification Program is one of the most comprehensive Data Science courses in the industry today. This course in India is specially designed to suit both data professionals and beginners who want to make a career in this fast-growing profession.

This training will equip the students with logical and relevant programming abilities to build database models. They will be able to create simple machine learning algorithms like K-Means Clustering, Decision Trees, and Random Forest to solve problems and communicate the solutions effectively. Over six days, students will learn key techniques such as Statistical Analysis, Regression Analysis, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Forecasting and Text Mining, and tools such as Python and R Programming.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is a process of analyzing data collected from varied sources and processing that data to reach a consensus. This data can be used to understand the precise behaviour and requirements of your customer, this data can help you in decision making, forecasting, predictive and prescriptive analytics. All this is done by building models using advanced machine learning algorithms.

  • Work with various Data Generation Sources
  • Perform Text Mining to generate Customer Sentiment Analysis
  • Analyse structured and unstructured data using different tools and techniques
  • Develop an understanding of Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Apply Data-driven, Machine Learning approaches for Business decisions
  • Build prediction models for day-to-day applicability
  • Perform Forecasting to take proactive Business decisions
  • Use Data Visualisation concepts to represent data for easy understanding


We provide our certificate to all our students who completed the course. Some employers require a certification in order to apply for a job. Many people earn specialty certifications to help them advance in their careers.Earning a certification can give you a big leg up in the job market. It’s a key item that hiring employers look for on resumes. Some employers may also require workers to have certain certifications.

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